Welcome to your nightmare in the Insanitarium

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has just added Insanitarium to their release line-up, bringing the title to DVD in July.

Jesse Metcalfe stars in this horrifying thriller about a man who cons himself into a mental hospital in order to break out his beloved sister. Once inside, he discovers that a doctor (Stormare) is mercilessly using his patients as lab rats and is turning them into bloodthirsty killers. Trapped inside an inescapable labyrinth, will they find a way out before the relentless cannibals hunt them down?

Featuring a widescreen presentation of the movie with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, the DVD will also contain the Making-of Featurettes, “Inside the Asylum: Jesse Metcalfe and Jeff Buhler” and “Inside the Asylum: The Patients”, a selection of Deleted Scenes, a Storyboard Gallery and a bonus Digital Copy of the film, which will allow you to unlock a digital copy of the film to play on your PC or PSP.

“Insanitarium” will be awaiting you in stores on July 15 for $24.96.

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