The Criterion Collection goes high def

In their latest newsletter, Criterion Collection has just announced that the studio will begin releasing Blu-Ray Disc titles this fall. The creator of some of the market’s most remarkable releases of classic international movies, “Criterion Collection” is working on elaborate high definition versions of films such as “The Third Man, ” “Bottle Rocket,” “Chungking Express,” “The Man Who Fell to Earth,” and “The Last Emperor,” all of which are tentatively scheduled for release in October. Also on the list of titles are “400 Blows,” “Contempt,” “Walkabout” and others.

We are sure the studio will release more detailed information on these titles in the coming weeks, but pointed out already that each of the Blu-Ray versions will include all of the extras found on the DVD versions and will most likely carry the same price tag as their DVD counterpart. For a studio that has a history of notoriously overpricing their releases, this is quite a move.

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