Help keeping a shining brain alive with Paul’s Brain Trust

We just got word through our friends over at The Digital Bits, that Paul Prischman has been diagnosed with a very aggressive kind of brain cancer. Paul used to the a figure-head at Dave’s Video, which used to be the hottest place for al Laserdisc and DVD fans in the LA area, as he was the one responsible for the countless signing events at the store. Many of us had the chance to meet some of the greatest filmmakers during these events until Dave’s Video went out of business.

Following that, Paul worked closely with Charles De Lauzirika on some of the industry’s greatest DVD Special Editions, including the Alien:Quadrilogy, Kingdom Of Heaven, Galdiator, Spider-Man 2 and Blade Runner.

Given the ridiculous health care state in this country it is hardly surprising that Paul’s insurance will cover only a fraction of the cost of the brain surgery he needs to have the cancerous tumor removed and this is where we all come in. Please visit the Paul’s Brain Trust website to help raise the money necessary for the surgery. Many of Paul’s friends will help raise money by auctioning off memorabilia and signed collectibles through the site, and I hear a special event is also in the making – though details will be announced tomorrow.

Even if you don’t know Paul in person, I am sure many of you have enjoyed the great work he did in the past 10 years. Hopefully you can find it in your heart to reach out and make a donation to his trust. Thank you!

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