Do we really need more superheroes? Superhero Movie arrives in July

The string of “Scary Movie” style movie-spoof continues… sadly. Although it ran out of steam and more importantly good ideas 5 years ago, the creators of these films keep making them, steeping to new lows with every entry. Now Genius Products has announced Superhero Movie for release on DVD in July.

A send-off on all the superhero movies of recent years, this one tries to take the clichés and some of the most memorable scenes from these films to make you laugh. If only they could…

Two versions of the film will appear in retail stores – the movie’s theatrical cut and an Extended Edition promising to be ”long, funnier and more outrageous!” Considering that even the extended cut runs only 85 minutes I think it is very clear that someone has been scraping the bottom of the barrel here. And as for “funny,” I think the only laughable thing about this is how these films still somehow get funded.

Anyway, in case there’s still people out there who have not yet been bored to death by these uninspired platitudes, “Superhero Movie” flies in on July 8 for $29.95.

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