Submitted by Mark Mayer

On Paramount home Entertainment’s release of the monster movie “Cloverfield” the studio has also included a few hidden features for you to discover.

From the disc’s Main Menu do to the “Set Up” section. Once there, highlight the menu entry “Subtitle Options: Español” and then press the “Right” arrow key on your remote control. This will bring up a helicopter highlight where the Statue of Liberty’s head should be. Press “Enter” now and you will be treated to a “Rack’em and pack’em” behind-the-scenes clip.

Another hidden feature can be found in the “Scene Selections” section of the disc. Go there and then go to “Scenes 9-12.” There, highlight scene 10 and then press the “Up” arrow key on your remote control to highlight a small box with an X. Now press “Enter” and you will have the chance to see the entire subway tunnel attack using an X as the placeholder for the monsters.

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