20th Century Fox prepares Commando: Director’s Cut

We just got information that the folks over at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment are currently preparing a Director’s Cut of the 1985 Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick Commando for release in September.

Former head of a special commando strike team, Colonel John Matrix (Schwarzenegger) is a soldier without peer. And because he’s lead so many special ops assignments, he’s been “retired” in order to protect him from retaliation. But now a vicious South American dictator that has a deadly grudge against Matrix has tracked him down and kidnapped his daughter Jenny (Milano). To get her back, Matrix is forced back into action and must return to South America for one last mission: kill President Velasquez – at any cost!

No details have been announced about the release but expect it to show up on retail shelves on September 18. We will keep you posted of course as soon as new information comes in.

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