Dexter keeps the blood flowing

The Showtime series that made a brief watered down debut on network television will get a chance to have its original form shown to the world again as it arrives on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment. (That means no Blu-ray announcement for now).
Dexter is a killer who grapples with fitting into society while, at the same time, he struggles with his inability to feel emotion. The irony of Dexter’s life is that he works closely as a blood splatter analyst with the very people who hunt his kind: the homicide department. Dexter’s “Regular Joe” front is in full force while working alongside the ill-tempered Sgt. James Doakes, who seems to be the only one to sense Dexter’s more sinister side, and Lt. Maria LaGuerta, the head of the division who pursues Dexter sexually with as much force as she would any criminal. While his sister, Debra Morgan, a tough and determined cop, leans on Dexter for personal advice and career advancement, the closest one Dexter “connects” with is Det. Angel Batista whose similar attention to detail and taste for forensics almost mirrors his own.

No details on extras as of yet, but the set will have a suggested retail price of $39.98 when it arrives on August 19th.

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