Playstation 3 to go Blu-Ray Profile 2.0

As everyone knows, most consumer electronics devices these days are upgradable by providing them with new software alone, to allow for new features and bug-fixes. Now, Sony has announced that a firmware upgrade of the Playstation 3 is just around the corner, which will make the video game console Blu-Ray Disc Profile 2.0 (BD 2.0) compatible. Also known as “Blu-Ray Live”, BD 2.0 adds a host of new features to the Blu-Ray format and complies with the format’s latest standards, but it also adds a number of Playstation-centirc features.

Among other things, the firmware upgrade will provide connectivity to a PSP via USB to copy data between the two devices. It also includes a “Resume” feature that DVD and Blu-Ray owners have long been waiting for, allowing you to resume a movie where you last stopped, it allows the PSP to serve as a remote control for the Playstation, it will improve download speeds and adds the capability to playback DivX- and WMV-formatted videos that are larger than 2GB.

As you can see, there will be number of reasons to update your Playstation 3 when the upgrade becomes available. As always, it is free of course, and can be obtained through the console’s system settings.

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