Indy swings back

In a not too terribly surprising move, Paramount Home Entertainment will be releasing the first three Indiana Jones films as special editions before the upcoming release of the new Indy film. Each DVD will contain new extras.

Raiders of the Lost Ark will include an intro with Speilberg and Lucas, the featurettes Indiana Jones: An Appreciation and The Melting Face, storyboards, galleries and a demo of the lego game.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom will also contain an intro and the featurettes Creepy Crawlies and Locations along with storyboards and galleries.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade will follow suit with another intro, and the featurettes The Women: The American Film Institute Tribute and Friends and Enemies plus the storyboards and galleries.

Oddly the features that were in the original release – namely the trailers and full documentary, are missing from these individual releases.

With the shakeup at Paramount, it’s not a shock that no Blu-ray versions of these have been announced. The DVDs will arrive on May 13th

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