Details on Limited Edition SNL

There has been a lot of speculation on Universal’s announcement about two version of the upcoming season three box set for Saturday Night Live. Two versions were announced; a regular and limited edition set. No indication was given on the packaging or how the sets would match older sets.

In the long run, it looks like a lot of fuss over very little difference. Both box sets will be packaged in the same packaging to match the first two seasons of the series. The “Limited Edition” will contain 4 postcards in the box. The remaining contents will be identical.

As a nice note, the suggested retail price will be identical as well. So if the postcards are something you’d like, just look around a bit for some sticker or label which will likely identify the limited edition sets. Otherwise, you can just pick up the regular edition. In any case, it’s nice to see SNL being released at a pace of faster than once a year – and hopefully keeping the quality of earlier sets. (Hey, if two sets come out a year, we’ll be caught up sometime in the 2040s.)

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