CHiPs: You can’t have just one

The second season of Ponch and Jon will hit the streets in June from Warner Home Video.

Created by Rick Rosner for NBC, CHiPs starred the trouble-prone “Ponch, ” and the more level-headed Jon, as members of the California Highway Patrol – hence the name CHiPs. The show was the perfect mix of spectacular stunt car crashes and a showcase of the pair’s glamorous SoCal lifestyle. Many of the episodes were also marked by Ponch’s attempts to impress the ladies with his athletic prowess, only to fail, leaving Jon and everybody else around them with a hearty laugh.

The DVD will contain interviews with Erik Estrada and The Great Adventures of CHiPs, a 2 hour special episoed looking back at the first two seasons of the show. These “look back” specials were a very special treat back in the days before TiVo’s, DVDs or VCRs. It’s great to see them again.

The set will arrive with all 22 episodes on June 3rd for $39.98.

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