Batman is all over the place

Batman Begins was one of th eleading titles on HD-DVD, but will finally be making the leap to Blu-ray in time for The Dark Knight to hit theatres.

Warner will release the film in two versions, a single disc set and a gift box set. The single disc version will carry all the features from the DVD. The box set will also include postcards, photos, script pages, storyboards and a coupon towards seeing Dark Knight in theatres. Both versions include a comic book prelude to The Dark Knight.

A DVD is also being prepared that will be a repackaging of the original Batman Begins DVD, but will include the coupon and postcards, and possibly a first for a DVD, it will include a 128MB Batman flash drive.

Also coming from Warner will be a DVD and Blu-ray release for Batman: Gotham Knight; a direct to video animated anthology. The animated feature will arrive as a single disc or double disc DVD or on Blu-ray. The single disc DVD will include commentaries and a sneak peek at the upcoming Wonder Woman animated film. The two disc DVD and Blu-ray will also have a documentary, a featurette on Bob Kane and selected episodes from Batman: The Animated Series (hopefully in 1080p).

All arriving on July 8th, the Batman Begins DVD is priced at $39.92, the Blu-ray at $28.99 and the gift set at $49.99. Gotham Knights will arrive on single DVD for $24.98, two disc set for $29.98 and $34.99 on Blu-ray. Of course Dark Knight will likely arrive this Christmas with a slew of old Batman content, but we’ll just have to wait for that.

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