Toshiba makes the news

It has long been the policy here to not report rumors as news no matter how exciting or tempting those rumors can be. That includes the myriad of rumors going on around Toshiba over the last few days. But a few things have happened in the whole high definition war that are certainly. In the last week, Netflix and Wal-Mart have announced they will be dropping support for HD-DVD. Blu-ray has officially announced support for the blu-ray format. That leaves few major retailers supporting both formats.

And Toshiba’s future plans? Toshiba has stood by its word that it will continue to support HD-DVD. The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, IMdB, CNBC and others are all reporting that Toshiba’s support will only last a few more days or even hours. Those are some pretty well respected news agencies. Just like news networks covering presidential elections, it’s very tempting to “call” a victory based on the information at hand, but until we hear something from Toshiba it is still our job to report HD-DVD releases and news. And we will do so. Of course if we hear anything from Toshiba themselves, we will report it here immediately.

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