THINKFilm has the Alpha Male

THINKFilm continues to put out some outside of the mainstream films and is preparing a DVD release for Alpha Male this spring.

Jim Ferrisis a warm, charismatic, and successful man who provides an exquisite lifestyle for his beautiful wife and two children. The film takes place at the family’s stunning country mansion, which Jim has worked hard to perfect. The life that he has created for his wife Alice and his children Jack and Elyssa seems untouchable…that is until his untimely death. Stricken with grief, Alice struggles with the loss of her husband and the misery her children face. Soon Jack becomes increasingly upset with his mother and begins to blame her for the tragedy. Ten years after his father’s death, Jack returns to his family’s home to celebrate his 21st birthday. What was meant to be a celebration for Jack’s birthday turns into an emotional evening full of deceit and jealousy.

The DVD will come with no extras, but will arrive on March 18th with a suggested rertail price fo $27.98.

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