The final pieces, Paramount and Amazon

Amazon has long prided itself as the store that will carry anything and true to that promise, HD-DVDs will be available on their site as long as they’re produced. But you may have to look around a bit, Amazon has reshifted their site to promote Blu-ray in the wake of the breakdown of HD-DVD. Of course, that situation might not last long since Paramount has become the last studio to come over to Blu-ray. According to their February 20th release, “We are pleased that the industry is moving to a single high-definition format, as we believe it is in the best interest of the consumer. As we look to releasing our titles on Blu-ray, we will monitor consumer adoption and determine our release plans accordingly.”

That’s not the strongest commitment stance, but an understandable one from a company that had the rug pulled out from them. Welcome aboard Paramount.

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