Juno is due in April

Juno, the surprise Oscar contender is arriving on DVD and Blu-ray in April from Warner Home Entertainment.

Juno MacGuff is a cool, confident teenager who takes a nine-month detour into adulthood when she’s faced with an unplanned pregnancy – and sets out to find the perfect parents for her baby. With the help of her timid boyfriend, supportive dad and no-nonsense stepmom, Juno sets her sights on an affluent couple longing to adopt their first child.

Juno arrives in single and double DVD versions as well as on Blu-ray. The single DVD version contains an audio commentary and several deleted scenes, a gag reel and screen tests. The second disc comes with the hyper-cleverly titled featurettes Way Beyond “Our Maturity Level, Diablo Cody is Totally Boss, Jason Reitman For Shizz and Honest to Blog! Creating Juno as well as a digital copy of the film.

The Blu-ray will carry all of the original extras (in standard def) as well as The Fox Movie Channel special.

On April 15th, the single disc DVD will be priced at $29.98, the two disc version at $34.98 and the Blu-ray at $39.98.

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