Dolph Lundgren returns in Diamond Dog this April

Does anyone still remember Dolph Lundgren? Yeah, he was the guy who tried to give Sylvester Stallone a run for the money in the 80s and failed with a string of mediocre action flicks. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment now sends him back into the race in Diamond Dog.

“Diamond Dog” is an action adventure featuring Lundgren as a guide hired to lead a band of treasure hunters to locate a priceless Buddhist artifact. Owing large sums of money to the Mongolian mob, Xander Ronson (Lundgren), an ex-Special Forces officer, agrees to lead an obsessed fortune hunter and his men on his dangerous quest for a legendary relic Tangka Tapestry. But great dangers await, not only from a gang of ruthless Russian mercenaries bent on stealing the fabled treasure, but also a deadly curse said to protect the incredibly valuable relic from tomb raiders in this pulse-pounding martial arts-powered action-thriller.

The DVD will feature an anamorphic widescreen transfer of the film, complete with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. As bonus you will find a Making-Of Featurette on the disc also.

“Diamond Dog” will come to a store near you on April 15 for $24.96.

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