Party of Five matures

Sony is readying the third season of the young adult drama Party of Five for DVD later this year.

This season presents a whole new set of life-changing and soul-searching moments. Some of the emotional roller-coaster issues include the unpleasant consequences of Kristin losing her Ph.D. after plagiarizing; Charlie’s realization that the good old days of high school might have been more old than good;. and Julia dealing with her guilt after a friend’s suicide. In addition, Claudia authorizes a $3, 000 plumbing repair, and the family bands together to help Bailey confront his drinking problem.

An odd set of extras come on the set. In addition to the 25 episodes of the 96-97 season, the set will also come with minisodes of Silver Spoons and The Facts of Life. But no extras related to Part of Five are included.

The set arrives on March 25th and will carry a suggested retail price of $39.95.

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