Blu-ray is Enchanted

The Disney quasi-animated fairy-tale is coming to DVD and Blu-ray this spring.

Enchanted begins in the animated fairytale land of Andalasia where the charming and perky Giselle instantly captures the heart of the dashing Prince Edward. Desperate to keep the young lovers apart in order to preserve her control of the throne, the prince’s evil mother Queen Narissa transports Giselle from her whimsical homeland to the worst place she can think of—Times Square. Suddenly transformed from animated beauty into flesh and blood girl, the comely lass twirls her way through the urban jungle, blissfully unaware that dreams don’t always come true. Rescued from the streets by divorce lawyer Robert, who suspects she’d be better off in Bellevue, and pursued by Edward, who finds that a sword is useless against a modern day dragon—er, make that city bus—the eternally optimistic Giselle starts to wonder if “happily ever after” is what she really wants.

The DVD will carry a pop-up adventure named Pip’s Predicament, the featurette Fantasy Comes to Life, deleted scenes and bloopers. The Blu-ray will also carryThe D-Files game which lets views search the film for references to classic Disney films.

It will arrive in our world on March 18th and the DVD will carry a suggested retail price of $29.99 with a $37.99 price for the Blu-ray.

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