The Nines hops from Sundance to your living room

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced the release of the indie thriller The Nines on DVD this January.
Ryan Reynolds and Hope Davis star in his Sundance journey through the mind of an actor, writer, and video game designer. The catch is, the film is divided into three shorts that explore the ties that bind authors to characters, actors to roles, and creators to creations. “The Nines” marks the directorial debut of John August, the same man responsible for the smart screenplays for “Go” and “Big Fish.”
The DVD will include two feature commentaries (the first with August and Reynolds, and the second with August, editor Douglas Crise, and actress Melissa McCarthy), a featurette, and a bonus called Script to Screen that allows users to watch clips of the film alongside script pages and storyboards.
The DVD is scheduled to hit shelves on January 29 for $24.96.

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