Raising Flagg

Alan Arkin stars in the new film Raising Flagg which is coming to DVD later this winter from Cinema Libre Studio.

Rural handyman Flagg Purdy is lovable but stubborn to the core, Flagg is easily overwhelmed by life’s little annoyances. He and his neighbor Gus Falk (Austin Pendleton) have been dogged competitors since childhood, and their latest flair-up escalates to the point where, devastated by community ridicule, Flagg climbs into bed and refuses to leave it – insisting he’s about to meet his maker. The Purdy offspring are reluctantly summoned to the family farmhouse for the “final rites” where their doubts about Flagg’s condition generate several plots to raise him from his “deathbed.” They all backfire, stirring long simmering resentments and sibling conflicts. Flagg’s antics eventually help them work through their differences and reestablish their familial bonds.

The DVD will include some decent supplements including commentary tracks, deleted scenes and a featurette although the contents of the extras are unknown.

Priced at $24.95, the disc comes for those who can wait until January 15th.

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