It is no joke – Drumline comes as an Extended Edition

In the category of “You’ve got to be kidding me” releases, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has just announced a Extended Edition of Drumline. I simply cannot imagine that anyone would actually care for this release or the movie in general, but well, her it is, scheduled for release in January. It will include the whopping four minutes of additional footage that world has been waiting for.

Nick Cannon stars as Devon Miles, a gifted street drummer who snares the top spot in a Southern university marching band. But when his hotshot attitude gets a lukewarm reception from the school’s straight-laced band leader (Orlando Jones), Devon quickly discovers that it takes more than talent to make it on the drumline.

The DVD will contain a Commentary Track by Director Charles Stone III, the Featurettes “Half-Time Heroes,” “The Real Battle of the Bands” and “Anatomy of a Drumline.” Further you will find Deleted Scenes with optional commentary on the disc, as well as Dr. Lee Conducts and Battle of the Bands. The release is rounded out by A&T Alternative Performance and Devon and Laila drive off

Prepare yourself for “Drumline” on January 29 for $19.98. Whoopdeedoo!

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