Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes return in March

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is set to bring the crime fighters back in March with Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes – Volume Three.

Marvel’s legendary and beloved crime fighting team is back with four explosive animated episodes of pulse-pounding adventure. Witness the heroics of Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing as they take on the most dangerous super villains in the universe.

Annihilation – The FF fall into a trap and are taken to the Negative Zone, where they’re attacked by Annihilus and his warriors. But all is not as it seems – something in the Zone is affecting the Four’s powers. Things go from bad to worse when Doctor Doom arrives, apparently in league with Annihilus! But Doom isn’t one to share power, and he takes Annihilus’ energy source back to Earth with him. But even if the Four can escape Annihilus, how can they defeat Doom, who now has the power to destroy the world?
Doomsday Plus One – The FF are getting a good night’s rest when Doctor Doom makes his move! Doombots infiltrate the Baxter Building, and while the FF do their best to fight them off, they all realize that the robots are nothing but a distraction… Doom’s real attack is the launch of the Baxter Building into space!! If they survive the Doombots, the cold vacuum of outer space, reentry, and their neighbors’ complaints, the FF plan on having a word with Doctor Doom.

Out of Time – The FF return from a time-traveling mission to discover that Doctor Doom has taken over New York City! But even worse, they discover that history itself has been changed; the Fantastic Four never got their amazing powers in this alternate timeline! The FF realize that they must travel back in time to the moment of their origin if they’re going to stop Doom’s sinister scheme.

Shell Games – When the Fantastic Four are attacked by several suits of Iron Man armor, they go looking for the inventor of the armor… Tony Stark. But Stark is just as surprised as the FF are about the attack… until he finds out the suits of armor were taken by Doctor Doom! But before the FF can stop him, Stark goes after Doom on his own. Now the FF have to deal with Doctor Doom in a suit of enhanced ‘Iron Doom’ armor as well as the true Iron Man himself… now under Doom’s control!

The DVD will also include 3 Collectible Trading Cards in each package.

“Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes – Volume Three” comes to stores on March 11 with a friendly $14.98 sticker price.

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