The Apartment gets cleaned up

The Best Picture of 1960 is coming back to DVD as a new special edition when MGM releases The Apartment.

C.C. “Bud” Baxter knows the way to success in business…it’s through the door of his apartment! By providing a perfect hideaway for philandering bosses, the ambitious young employee reaps a series of undeserved promotions. But when Bud lends the key to big boss J.D. Sheldrake, he not only advances his career, but his own love life as well. For Sheldrake’s mistress is the lovely Fran Kubelik, elevator girl and angel of Bud’s dreams. Convinced that he is the only man for Fran, Bud must makethe most important executive decision of his career: lose the girl…or his job.

The new DVD includes special features inclucing an audio commentary from Bruce Block, Film Producer, UCLA Professor and AFI Member, “Inside the Apartment” documentary and a “Tribute to Jack Lemmon” featurette.

The DVD arrives for $19.98 on February 5th.

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