HBO offers some more Big Love

The second season of the polygamist drama Big Love makes its way to DVD from HBO Video.

Big Love tells the story of Salt Lake City native Bill Henrickson, who balances the needs of his three wives, seven kids, three houses and his home improvement stores.The Complete Second Season opens with even more drama as the Henrickson family reels over first wife Barb’s public exposure as a polygamist during a ceremony at the governor’s mansion.

The new set will contain anamorphic widescreen and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound mixes as well as series of newly filmed backstories. In Post-Partum, set five years before the beginning of the series, Nicki suffers an emotional meltdown in the hospital after giving birth to her first child. In Meet the Babysitter, set two years later, Bill introduces Margene to Nicki as the new babysitter. And in Moving Day, set 14 months before the first episode, Overrun by toys, food, crying babies and one sobbing mother, the wives offer up a unified front to get Bill to upgrade homes.

The set will be arriving on December 11th and will carry a suggested retail price of $59.99.

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