Vanguard Cinema goes high def

Independent studio Vanguard Cinema has just announced its entry into the high definition arena but one has to seriously wonder if they didn’t pick the wrong side of the fence. Joining the HD-DVD camp, the studio will release Channels as their first high def title in January.

Black Racklin has everything one could dream of in life, success, respect, money, but he’s dead… emotionally. He has a recurring dream of a train passing by with a passenger beckoning him to “hop on.” But Black hesitates and the train moves on. Consumed with the pressures of his profession as a movie producer in Hollywood, Black, at the end of the day, sits at home and mindlessly channel surfs to escape his reality. One night he becomes transfixed by an alluring character from a soap opera, Katherine, who suddenly appears in his living room, as if by magic, and they instantly fall in love. Is their affection enough to bridge the divide that separates their two worlds? Will Black dare to hop on with her and take a chance, or will it be too late?

Sadly the studio did not announce any supplements or technical lfeatures regarding the release but look for it on retail shelves on January 22 for a friendly $29.99.

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