Tartan announces a trio of releases for winter…

Tartan Films has just announced three more Asia Extreme films, readied in time for its winter catalogue — P in December, The Matrimony in early January, and 1942 in late January.

“P” tells the tale of a beautiful orphan girl who learns black magic from her grandmother. But when the elderly woman falls ill, the girl must travel to Bangkok to look for work and pay for medicine. Forced to become a go-go dancer, the girl slowly loses control of her dark powers until an evil manifestation begins to take over.

“The Matrimony” focuses in on Shanghai in the ’30s as a man named Junchu lapses into depression after watching his girlfriend die. Junchu’s mother makes him marry another woman, but the spirit of his former love won’t let go so easily.

“1942” is about a wartime cameraman assigned to the Japanese 6th army during World War II. After an attack leaves the soldiers in tatters, the six surviving souls have to make it back to their base. But when their maps are suddenly wrong, their radio won’t work, and strange images haunt each man, the group has to band together before they tear each other apart.

Each of the films will be available for $19.95 when they come to retail stores. “P” will arrive on December 25 with “The Matrimony” arriving on January 15 and “1942” dropping on January 29.

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