Space Ace makes its HD debut…

Digital Leisure will be bringing the arcade classic Space Ace home in brilliant high definition for PC, HD DVD and Blu-ray this winter.

“Space Ace” is a pseudo follow-up to the smash hit “Dragon’s Lair” that requires timed responses to the on screen animated film. Animated by legendary artist Don Bluth, “Space Ace” follows the misadventures of Ace, a sci/fi hero whose girlfriend is kidnapped by the villainous commander Borf. Unfortunately, Borf has transformed Ace into a scrawny teenager with the dastardly “Infanto Ray”. In hot pursuit of Borf, a young Ace has to navigate a complex series of dangers to rescue the girl and save the day!

The PC Edition of “Space Ace” will arrive in HD this November for $49.95 and will be released on HD DVD and Blu-ray at some undisclosed point in early 2008. If pricing follows the “Dragon’s Lair” model, the HD DVD and Blu-ray editions will likely cost $39.95.

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