Perfect Strangers: from Mypos to DVD

A couple of years ago it seemed odd how many television shows were coming to DVD. Now it almost seems odd that Perfect Strangers isn’t already available. The series that helped create ABC’s TGIF lineup back in 1986 is finally on its way to DVD this winter.

Set in Chicago, Perfect Strangers focuses on the relationship of two distant cousins, whose personalities and life experiences could not be any more different. The series begins when high-strung Larry Appleton opens his apartment to cousin Balki Bartokomous, an idealistic, naïve shepherd from the fictitious island-nation of Mypos. New to America, Balki often misunderstands the culture, which leads to some delightfully hilarious situations. Color TV, game shows, singles bars, soda pop cans and even pink lemonade are some of the modern day oddities that amaze the innocent and lovable Balki.

The first DVD box set will carry the 28 episodes of the show’s first and second seasons, but the only supplement will be a montage of “The Dance of Joy”.

Coming on February 12, the set iwill arrive for $29.98, bake up some bibbybobkas and pick it up.

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