It’s basketball season with Warner

Warner Home Entertainment is planning a series of basketball releasing in the coming months including The History of Indiana University Basketball, The History of University of Kentucky Basketball, Undeniable The Rise of Dwyane Wade and San Antonio Spurs NBA Champtions: Special Edition.

Indiana University: Few Men’s College Basketball Programs can match the storied history of Indiana University’s Hoosiers. The credentials are extensive: Five National Championships, eight Final Four appearances, twenty Big Ten Championships and enough players and coaches that have occupied numerous NBArosters. It all starts with Coach Bob Knight, the winningest coach in NCAA Men’s basketball history. His success is staggering and includes three National Championships, eleven Big Ten Championships, 39 All-American Players and 29 players who made it to the NBA. The DVD will come with interviews with former players and coaches.

University of Kentucky: Since its inception in 1902, the University of Kentucky Basketball program has amassed 1,948 wins against only 608 losses for a staggering 76.2% winning percentage. No other school has as many wins or a greater all-time winning percentage, not UCLA, not UNC, Indiana or Duke. Kentucky’s accomplishments don’t end there however. 7 National Championships, 13 Final Four Appearances, 46 NCAA Tournament appearances, 139 NCAA Tournament Games, 43 SEC Championships and 25 SEC Tournament Championships have clearly established Kentucky basketball as one of the greatest programs in all of sports in the U.S., college or professional.. This DVD will also include interviews with former players and coaches.

Dwyane Wade: Since entering the NBA in 2003, Dwyane Wade has been one of the most prolific and dynamic young superstars in the game. Donned the nickname “Flash,” D-Wade has risen to elite status after only four years in the league. He has enjoyed overwhelming success thus far throughout his young career capped off by a NBA Finals MVP in leading the Miami Heat to the 2005- 2006 NBA Championship. But the path to greatness wasn’t always easy for Dwyane. Undeniable The Rise of Dwyane Wade documents his unpredictable rise to prominence as Dwayne will take you on a journey back to his roots in Illinois where he was an under-recruited high school star who overcame academic troubles to become an All-American at Marquette University. Extas include the featurettes Playing on the biggest stage, Where it all began, Rookie All-Star Experience and Superstar friendship: Dwyane and LeBron and top 10 plays and playoff moments.

Spurs: San Antonio Spurs NBA Champions: Special Edition is a 16-disc “Complete Games” collector’s set that celebrates the San Antonio Spurs and their dynasty. Enjoy complete games in their original broadcast form and relive the most thrilling and classic moments from each of their Finals victories over the New York Knicks, New Jersey Nets, Detroit Pistons, and Cleveland Cavaliers. Watch as Coach Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili take the NBA by storm and cement their place in history as one the greatest teams of all-time. Packaged in 8 double-sided super slims with slipcase, this DVD collector’s set culminates the Spurs NBA dominance and will be a must have for any Spurs fan before this upcoming season.

The Indiana an Kentucky DVDs arrive on December 4th for $19.98 while the Dwyane Wade DVD arrives on January 8th for $24.98. The Spurs DVD is just around the corner arriving on October 30th for $99.98.

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