DVD Powers, Activate! Super Friends are back for more

The Super Friends lasted through many incarnations over the course of those ’70s Saturday mornings. But perhaps most memorable was the All-New Super Friends Hour. Now Warner Home Entertainment is releasing Season 1, Volume 1 to join the Super Friends DVD collection.

Originally airing on ABC, the All-New Super Friends Hour was a huge ratings success for the network and an instant fan favorite. Featuring the World’s Greatest Super Heroes, the show also introduced a slew of new characters including Zan and Jayna (aka The Wonder Twins), and their space monkey Gleek. With their iconic exclamation “Wonder Twin Powers Activate!,” the twins would touch fists in a burst of light transforming Jayna into the shape of any animal and Zan into any form of water imaginable. The cartoon series also featured guest stars Black Vulcan, Apache Chief, Hawkman and Hawkgirl. The 32 cartoon episodes follow the Super Friends as they confront their old foes and new villains such as the Hydronoids and Dr. Cranum in their quest to protect mankind.

Some extras on the set iclude the featurettes One Dimensional Goodness: The Super Friends and the Good Old Days and Origins of the Guest Stars.

Arriving on January 8th, the set will have a suggested retail price of $26.98.

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