Warner puts an end to their combo discs

We have just received word that Warner Home Video plans to stop releasing further HD-DVD/DVD combo discs, starting in early 2008.

These combo discs, which allow to be played in both HD-DVD players as well as regular DVD players typically came at a premium price – clearly a result of the increased production cost on the studio’s end. However, after doing research into the filed, it appears as if Warner has come to the conclusion that these disc are not meeting expectations. Whether it is unreliable operation or simply the fact that the premium price may have slowed down purchasing from both the HD-DVD and DVD user demographics is up to anyone’s guess.

“Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix” will therefore be the last combo disc that Warner will be releasing and staring with “Invasion” in 2008, the studio will release only dedicated DVD and HD-DVD versions of their films. The immediate result is that the suggested retail prices for HD-DVD versions will no longer exceed $34.99.

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