Two and a Half Men finds a second serving

Long time bachelor Charlie and his divorced, uptight brother Alan give a whole new meaning to the word dysfunctional as they attempt to meet women, deal with freak accidents and share parenting responsibilities for Alan’s pre-pubescent indolent son Jake. Boys will be boys as Alan struggles to guide Jake through life with valuable lessons of morality and Charlie’s spinster ways continue to get the best of him. Meanwhile, Alan’s ex-wife Judith takes advantage of every opportunity to destroy any self-respect that Alan may have left and Charlie is forced to deal with the come-ons from his crazy neighbor Rose.

All 24 episodes are included in the set along with a gag reel and two new featurettes; 2½ Days in the Life of 2½ Men and The Serious Business of Writing Comedy.

All in all, a nice set for $44.98. The season will arrive on January 8th, 2008.

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