The Complete details on Star Trek: The Next Generation

Here it is the complete rundown on the upcoming complete series box set for Star Trek: The Next Generation. for those not interested in reading the whole list of features, the set is essentially the same supplements as the existing box sets, plus the Best Buy exclusive featurettes and two, new documentaries.

Season 1 : contains the featurettes Selected Crew Analysis, The Beginning, The Making of a Legend and Memorable Missions.

Season 2: More featuretttes Selected Crew Analysis, Mission Overview Year Two, Starfleet Archives, Departmental Analysis, Memorable Missions and Profile: Penny Juday,

Season 3: contains the featurettes Mission Overview, Selected Crew Analysis, Departmental Briefing: Production and Departmental Briefing: Memorable Missions.

Season 4: contains the featurettes Mission Overview, Selected Crew Analysis, Departmental Briefing: Production, New Life and New Civilizations and Chronicles from The Final Frontier.

Season 5: features Mission Overview Year Five, Selected Crew Analysis: Year Five, Departmental Briefing: Production, Departmental Briefing: Visual Effects, Departmental Briefing: Set Decoration, Memorable Missions and A Tribute to Gene Roddenberry.

Season 6: hosts the featurettes Mission Overview, Bold New Directions, Departmental Briefing: Production, Departmental Briefing Profile: Dan Curry, Special Crew Profile: Lt. Comdr. Data and trailers for Star Trek Nemesis and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Season 7: carries the featurettes Mission Overview, A Captain’s Tribute, Departmental Briefing: Production Starfkeet Moments and Memories. The Making of “All Good Things…” and the preview (as it were) for the 2003 Star Trek Deep Space Nine DVD sets.

The special bonus disc contains the Best Buy exclusive featurettes Star Trek Visual Effects Magic: A Roundtable Discussion, Select Historical Data 1, Inside The Star Trek Archive, Intergalactic Guest Stars, Alien Speak, Select Historical Data 2, Inside Starfleet Academy Archives: Sets and Props, Special Profiles
and Dressing The Future along with the two new documentaries The Next Generations’s Impact: 20 Years Later and The Next Generation’s Legacy: 2007.

49 discs in total, the set will have a suggested retail price of $440, but online retailers are already listing the set for around three hundred dollars. It arrives on October 2nd.

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