More Best Buy Exclusives from Universal

Last year, Universal Home Entertainment created The Classic Scifi Ultimate Collection that was exclusively available through Best Buy stores, as many of you may remember. The studio only recently repeated the step, releasing The Classic Scifi Ultimate Collection: Volume 2 last week quietly and without announcement. Once again, the DVD set is available only in Best Buy stores. The set features five classic science fiction films from Universal’s library, such as The Deadly Mantis, The Land Unknown, Cult Of The Cobra, The Leech Woman and finally, after years of anticipation, the 1940 thriller Dr. Cyclops. The set is in stores now for $29.95.

The studio is preparing another Best Buy exclusive DVD set for release on October 2, entitled the Universal Horror Classic Movie Archive. Featuring The Black Cat, Night Monster, Man-Made Monster, Horror Island and Captive Wild Woman, this set will undoubtedly please genre fans also when it hits stores for $29.95.

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