Hudson Hawk is feelin’ special

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is digging back to the early days of Bruce Willis with Hudson Hawk: Special Edition. You heard me, a special edition of Hudson Hawk.

After 10 years in prison, Eddie “The Hawk” Hawkins, the world’s
most famous cat burglar, is ready to go straight. But it’s not going to be
easy for The Hawk. The Mafia and the CIA have conspired to blackmail Eddie
and his partner into stealing three Da Vinci masterpieces from the
most heavily-guarded museums in the world. Sounds simple, right? WRONG!
While trying to steal the goods, Hawk falls in love with a beautiful but
schizophrenic nun (MacDowell) and is relentlessly pursued by the greedy and
powerful Minerva and Darwin Mayflower,
who want the works of art as part of their twisted plot to ruin the world’s
economy. It is wall-to-wall action as the wise-cracking Hawk saves the
world, wins the girl, and gets the last laugh.

So what’s in this special edition? A director’s commentary with Michael Lehman hor starters along with a trivia track. Deleted scenes and two new featurettes with Bruce Willis and Sandra Berhard are also included.

Action and silliness vie for attention in the 1991 movie that will be arriving on November 20th for $19.94.

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