Hollow Man re-appears on home video

One of the worst film in the history of forever is making a comeback this fall on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. I am talking, of course, about Paul Verhoeven’s ludicrous Hollow Man. which slated for a Director’s Cut edition in October.

The Director’s Cut features approximately eight minutes of previously deleted scenes added back into the film. Starring Kevin Bacon, Elisabeth Shue and Josh Brolin “Hollow Man” is a special effects spectacle about a scientist desperate to become invisible.

Slated for release on October 16 the DVD version will carry a $19.94 suggested retail price while the Blu-Ray version will set you back $28.95. The release will include
HBO’s “Making of: Anatomy of a Thriller” Documentary, 15 Behind-the-scenes Featurettes called “Fleshing Out the Hollow Man,” and VFX Pictures-in-Picture Comparisons..

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