Hi-def anime support continues with Paprika

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will continue its support of feature-length anime with the release of Paprika this November on DVD and Blu-ray Disc.
This critically acclaimed animated drama from director Satoshi Kon (“Tokyo Grandfathers” and “Perfect Blue”) explores the consequences surrounding a machine that allows scientists to enter and record a person’s dreams. When the device is stolen, a detective and a psychotherapist team up to recover it before it falls in the hands of a terrorist.
The DVD includes a Commentary Track and a Making Of documentary divided into four featurettes. The Blu-ray edition sheds the commentary, but adds a series of Storyboard Comparisons, a group of Animatics, and Photo Galleries.
Both the standard and 1080p high-def versions are scheduled for release on November 27. The DVD is priced at $26.95 and the Blu-ray edition is set at $38.95.

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