Erik the Viking is recut

The Terry Jones“ satire Erik the Viking is making its way to DVD in a special Director’s Son’s Cut. Yes, the son of Terry Jones – with Jones” blessing – has recut the film for DVD and it is coming your way from MGM Home Entertainment.

An unusually principled young Viking becomes increasing uncomfortable with all the killing and plundering that goes with the job, and sets out on a magical journey in order to bring about world peace.

The new cut is nearly thirty minutes shorter than the original cut with rearranged and shortened scenes and a remixed soundtrack. No release for the theatrical cut is planned. In addition to the film, the disc contains a Commentary Track with Terry Jones, a Behind the scenes featurette on the new cut as well as a vintage Featurette from 1989, a Trailer and a Photo Gallery.

The new DVD is priced at $19.98 when it arrives on November 7th.

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