Die Hard gets complicated

As announced before, Live Free or Die Hard is coming to DVD and Blu-ray, but the options just got a bit weird.

A fullscreen single disc edition and a Blu-ray version with plenty of extra features is on the way, but also coming is a widescreen version of the film on DVD as the much speculated unrated cut. A single disc version and a two disc edition containing the same standard features of the Blu-ray disc will be available with considerable extra footage removed from the film to acheive a PG-13 rating.

So if you want the unrated cut, you’ll have to watch it widescreen since no fullscreen version is available and you’ll have to watch it on DVD. Of course conversely, if you want to watch the theatrical version on DVD in widescreen, your out of luck. Only the extended cut is available. Come on Fox, why the random mixing of releases?

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