Charmed: The Final Season

Charmed: The Final Season

On Paramount Home Entertainment’s release of “Charmed: The Final Season” you can also find a number of hidden features, if you know just where to look for them.

They are all located on disc 6 of the DVD set, so insert that disc in your player and on the Main Menu, go to the “Episode” submenu. Highlight the “Menu” entry and then press the “Left” arrow key on your remote control. This will highlight the tattoo on Phoebe’s arm and give you access to a brief clip of the behind-the-scenes celebrations for the 150th episode.

Now, go to the “Bonus Features” submenu and here use the directional keys on your remote control to highlight the Billie’s tattoo. Press the “Enter” key then and you will be treated to a clip about the show’s props.

Finally, on the disc’s Main Menu, use the directional keys to highlight Phoebe’s tattoo and then press “Enter” to see a behind-the-scene clip about the tape ball.

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