Bill Murray gets his start on SNL Season 2

Saturday Night Live finally gets a season two release from Universal Studios Home Entertainment this December.

Season two saw the growing pains of “the Beatles of comedy” with the departure of Chevy Chase and the rough introduction of Bill Murray to an unconvinced audience, the introduction of The Coneheads and Steve Martin as host, and of course a very fateful Mardi Gras special.

All the episodes are included here and hopefully as completely unaltered as the first season. Universal has confirmed tat all the original musical performances are included, which is good. No word on whether or not the infamous Mardi Gras special (which producer Lorne Michaels banned from ever being rerun and which hasn’t been seen since 1977) will be included. Also unknown at this point is whether season two will come in the nicer packaging season one came out in originally or in the cheaper packaging of the reissue.

In any case, the complete season will arrive on December 4th for $69.98. Let’s hope they up the release schedule just a bit or we won’t see this year’s episodes until 2037.

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