Young Indy is a history lesson

The 1993 Laserdisc release of Star Wars included an interview with George Lucas excitedly talking about the forthcoming DVD format and how Young Indiana Jones would be among the first and best content on the format. Better late than never I suppose. As previously reported The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles will finally be making its way to DVD. But God Bless George Lucas, it couldn’t make it to DVD completely unaltered, the show is now apparently titled The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. Whether this change will be on the film itself or merely on the box is unknown. But some details have come to light.

Make no mistake. This is not going to be the show as it aired on television back in the ’90s. Episodes have been put together and re-edited into small movies. The titles have been changed. Overall, the same material is here, but in a new format, and since the footage comes from episodes in a very different order than they originally appeared, any label like “Season One” would be meaningless. These feature length episodes are the same as appeared on VHS compilations some years back and include My First Adventure, Passion for Life, The Perils of Cupid, Travels with Father, Journey of Radiance, Spring Break Adventure and Love’s Sweet Song which bring Indy in contact with everyone from Teddy Roosevelt to Nancy Stratemeyer (the real life inspiration for Nancy Drew).

Here’s the fun part. The seven episodes come in a 12 DVD box set. The extras are not behind the scenes featuretes but 38 historical documentaries interviewing people like Gen. Colin Powell, Gloria Steinem, Henry Kissinger and the like.

The DVD set arrives on October 23rd from Paramount Home Entertainment.

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