Toshiba’s third generation HD-DVD players revisited

Yesterday we reported about Toshiba’s upcoming line up of new HD-DVD players, slated to hit retail shelves in September and October. Sadly, the information we had received at the time was incomplete and inaccurate. So here is the real deal on these players.

The low-end HD-A3 model, priced at $299, will in fact offer 1080i video output and combine it with HD audio decoders for audio, also allowing for 5.1 lossless 5.1 HDMI sound streams via HDMI.

The HD-A30 model, priced at $399, will in addition offer 1080p video output at 60 frames per second as well 24fps. 24fps is particularly interesting as it reproduces the original speed at which film is projected and therefore gets rid of all 2/3 pull-down artifacts. However, you will need a display that is capable of taking and displaying a 1080p24 stream.

At $499 the HD-A35 player model will also offer 1080p60 and 1080p24 video output and combine it with an HDMI output that allows for 7.1 lossless audio, and throws in 5.1 analog audio outputs for good measure. This player will support the improved HDMI 1.3 standard.

With this new information, these players do look pretty sharp, especially the HD-A30 and HD-A35 models, but also design-wise they are pretty slick as yu can see from the image above. Let’s just hope they also come to grips with their boot and load times.

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