The X-Files comes together… for now

First, let’s give credit where it’s due. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment decided to put The X-Files on DVD in season box sets back in the days when television on home video was a ridiculous concept. The X-Files created the standard by which season sets still base on. But a new model has risen in the form of complete sets, and The X-Files may not be leading the way this time, but it’s onboard. Fox will be releasing The X-Files: The Ultimate Collection this fall.

All the episodes from the nine seasons will be included along with the feature film X-Files: Fight the Future and the half hour featurettes from the Mythology DVD sets a few years back (Abduction, Black Oil, Colonization and Super Soldiers.) That’s what we know. What isn’t known is whether the abundant supplements for each season – which were originally included and excised from later box sets will be back onboard with this set. Also unknown is whether the additional commentary tracks from the mythology box sets will be included in the set.

Of course the big question is why an ultimate set now? Fox has announced an X-Files movie to be released in 2009. Too far off for this set to build buzz for, and more importantly making the “ultimate” status of this set incomplete when the next movie comes out. In any case, the set arrives on 11/06 with a suggested retail price of $329.98.

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