Family Guy doesn’t wait for complete set

Many shows have been putting out complete series box sets lately. But Family Guy has got to be the first show to do it while the show is still on the air. While this box set is going to be instantly obsolete. It’s still a really interesting package.

The new box set, entitled the Family Guy Freakin’ Party Pack comes with all the DVDs from the first Five Volumes of Family Guy along with the straight to video DVD Stewie Friffin: The Untold Story. An 18th DVD is included with special features including deleted scenes a recording booth featurette, interviews and more. The thing that makes this a “party pack” is what’s included aside from the DVDs. The large box also contains Family Guy themed ping pong equipment and 100 poker chips and playing cards.

The set arrives on October 30th, a busy day for DVD with a suggested retail price of $149.98.

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