Denny Crane thinks back in Boston Legal

The thirs season of Boston Legal is arriving from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment in the fall. And despite Fox’s new commitment to Blu-ray, the HD show will only be available on DVD.

While a scandalous murder trial rocks the city, it’s business as usual at the law offices of Crane, Poole & Schmidt, which means a full caseload of criminal insanity, hostage situations, cross-dressing, cannibalism and outright mayhem! Ethically-challenged newcomer Jeffrey Coho fits right in, lustful litigator Denny Crane finally meets his match and attorney Alan Shore continues to stretch the boundaries of the law

The season includes all the episodes from season three (including “Son of the Defender” which famously incorporated 50 year old footage of a younger Shatner) along with two featurettes, Out of Order and Character Witness.

The third season arrives on September 18th for $59.98.

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