What’s that you say Mrs. Robinson

The Graduate turns 40 this year along with an anniversary DVD from MGM.

Shy Benjamin Braddock returns home from college with an uncertain future. Then the wife of his father’s business partner, the sexy Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft), seduces him, and the affair only deepens his confusion. That is, until he meets the girl of his dreams. But there’s one problem: she’s Mrs. Robinson’s daughter!
The DVD will comw with a new audio commentary with Dustin Hoffman and Katherine Ross a second commentary with Mike Nichols and Steven Soderbergh a new documentary on the influence of the film and two feaaturettes along with screen tests, an interview with Hoffman a vintage documentary and the trailer. A second disc will come with the set in the form of a Simon and Garfunkel CD.

The DVD will be available with a suggested retail price of $24.98 when it arrives on September 11th.

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