Troy is getting a director’s cut, four times over

Wolfgang Petersen has revisited his War epic Troy with a new director’s cut which will be available in several new disc releases to suit your every need.

Seperate DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray versions will be available with the extended cut of the film with features largely pulled from the films theatrical DVD release including an introduction to the new version from Petersen, the featurettes Troy in Focus, In The Thick of Battle, From Ruins to Reality, Troy: An Effects Odyssey, Attacking Troy and Greek Ship Towing. A theatrical trailer is also included.

In aaddition, the Ultimate Collector’s Edition will be a nice box set similar to other Warner boxes and will includ a photo book, photos and pages from the shooting script.

All of these will arrive on September 18th. The DVD will sell for $20.97, the high def versions for $34.99 and the Collector’s edition for $39.92.

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