The Tick burrows into your comedic vein in August

Buena Vista Home Entertainment has just announced Season 2 of the animated comedy series The Tick, scheduled for release as a 2-disc DVD set in August.

The Tick Vs. Season Two is crawling with inanity, insanity, and fun as the cartoon crime-stopper in blue tights – flanked by motley crew Arthur the Moth, American Maid and Die Fliedermaus – stings The City’s evildoers in a dozen episodes! Famous inventors help the blue bug and friends battle a history-changing super-villain in “Leonardo da Vinci and His Fightin’ Genius Time Commandos”; in “The Tick
Loves Santa,” an evil St. Nick has discovered a way to clone himself; “The Tick vs. the Big Nothing” pits two groups of aliens against one another in a struggle to save the universe, with the Tick and Arthur caught in the middle.

“The tick” will be in stores on August 7 and can be yours to own for $34.99. Note however, that episode 15 of the show will not be included on the DVD set for some reason.

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